because I thought this might be helpful to those of you lazy artists like me who don’t know! SAI is a bit of a douche in how it doesn’t tell you most of these things, so:

things u shud kno

  • copy - ctrl+c
  • paste - ctrl+v
  • cut - ctrl+x
  • undo - ctrl+z
  • select all - ctrl+a
  • select none -…
Lineless Style Tutorial


And some general tips too!


I used paint tool sai for this, but most programs should be able to do things similar. I also included my layers if it would help! Here is a .sai file. Here is a .psd too but it’s missing a few .sai things.

It’s a really fast style to do because it’s simple- it only took me an hour to draw! But this is not for beginners because it requires you to know a basic amount about layers and to be neat.

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From Anime News Network:

5pb. announced on Friday that the newest Steins;Gate novel titled Steins;Gate -The Committee of Antimatter- will take place six years after the events of the Steins;Gate visual novel. Chōshirō Miwa will write the novel, and Tadasu…

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